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Undergraduate Program in Meteorology
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Admissions Requirements

Any prospective student with a Bachelor's Degree or higher in a mathematical or scientific discipline is a candidate for the program. Previous education in atmospheric sciences is not required for acceptance. Beginning students are required to have taken calculus through differential equations (usually 4 semesters), two semesters of physics for the sciences (including laboratory), one semester of atmospheric thermodynamics, and one semester of atmospheric fluid dynamics. Ideally, these courses should be completed before the student enrolls; otherwise, they should be taken as soon as possible. Students are also expected to be competent in computer programming in one or more high-level programming languages. A successful applicant is expected to have at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, a verbal GRE score of at least 500 (prior scale)/153 (new scale), and a quantitative GRE score of at least 600 (prior scale)/148 (new scale). For international applicants a TOEFL score of 590 (paper-based)/243 (computer-based)/96 (internet-based) is required in lieu of the verbal GRE if English is not their native language. Experience and outstanding contributions to science are also considered in the evaluation of each applicant.

Additional Information

The deadline for application for the Fall semester is March 1. However, applicants wishing to receive full consideration for all financial aid opportunities are encouraged to submit all materials by January 15. Applications are also accepted for admission starting in the Spring Semester with a deadline of November 1.

You can request an application form, download an application form, or apply online at:

If you have any questions, please contact the graduate program office:

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